Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What is Squalene Oil?

Squalene oil is an unsaturated hydrocarbon which can be found in a number of vegetables including olive, palm oil and wheat germ oil. But the largest concentration of Squalene oil is usually extracted from deep sea shark's liver. (The majority of natural life Squalene is taken from sharks that are caught as a by product of fishing nets.)It was first fond in the early 1900's by a Japanese scientist who was researching the deep sea shark for their ability to resist most types of disease, even cancer. Within the research, scientists discovered that when the hydrocarbon was combined with water, oxygen was produced. They also found that certain chemicals that are considered to be carcinogens are rendered harmless when exposed to Squalene over a period of time.

Recently, Squalene oil has been marketed for cosmetic use. Squalene oil is very similar to Vitamin A in its composition, and it has the ability to regenerate skin cells due to its ability to produce more oxygenation in the human body when it is exposed to fluids. Squalene has also been known to discourage the growth of bacteria that can block normal skin cell development and it also helps to protect your skin from conditions such as extreme cold, smoke and pollution. Reqular use of Squalene oil is said to help fade fine wrinkles, prevent skin pigmentation, lighten freckles, improve skin texture, make skin softer and improve eczema.
Squalene oil is also produced in human liver and a deficiency of which result in dry skin and premature aging.


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