Thursday, May 6, 2010

Plant Squalene vs Animal Squalene

"Which Squalene is better, plant squalene or animal (life) squalene?"

Plant Squalene = extract from olive oil, palm oil or wheat germ oil etc.
Animal Squalene = extract from deep shark liver oil

I have asked above question to many people who use squalene oil for their businesses (hair dressers, beauticians, and dermatologist etc) but most of them cannot tell me exactly which is better. Here are the some of the common opinions I have gathered so far;

1) Animal Squalene has high purity, 99.0%. Plant Squalene purity is often between 92 ~ 96%, and it has to go through longer process to produce.

2) Many people prefer the texture of Plant Suqalene. It doesn't feel as oily as Animal Squalene.

3) Some people are very objectionable towards how Animal Squalene are produced. I have read that some companies only use sharks which got caught in the shark net, (Shark nets are placed in many beaches in the world to protect humans and other marine species from shark attacks.) but there are some other manufacturers which kill sharks for commercial purposes.

I have only used HABA products which are made of animal squalene and I would like to gather some information and opinions from people who uses plant squalene products.

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