Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Squalene Skin Care Products

Because Squalene oil is known as superior natural moisturizer, there are many Squalene skincare products on the market which are produced by so-called natural cosmetic companies. The most of these cosmetics are called Squalane products. Here is a reason why.

In the last post I mentioned that Squalene is unsaturated hydrocarbon, which can easily produce oxygen by combining with water. But there is a problem in its instability of the molecule. Because of its high degree of unsaturation, Squalene is prone to oxidation and subsequent reduced shelf-life as a cosmetic product. To overcome with this problem, Squalene was completely hydrogenerated to form called Squalane. Squalane is derived from Squalene, but it is much more stable against oxidation. Therefore, the most of skincare and cosmetic products using Squalene are called Squalane products.

Applying high quality Squalane oil (99.9% pure Squalene oil) protects your skin from ultraviolet rays and moisturizes to prevent dryness and chapping which results in a finer, more textured skin. Squalane oil is also an excellent carrier of additional nutrients as it penetrates the dermis layer much more deeply than most topical creams and lotions. Because of those effect, Squalane Oil is recommended for treatment of acne scar, sun damange, light burn, pigmentation (age spots, freckles etc.), hair care, and keratinized elbow, knee and heels.

The followings are the well known Squalane oil skincare products;

HABA (Heald Aid Beauty Aid) is a natural skin care and cosmetic brand from Japan. All HABA products are paraben, fragrance, mineral oil, chemically synthesized tar color and petrochemical surfactant free. (All of these common additives can cause skin irritations and allergic reactions.)
Their most popular product is 'HABA SQUALANE'. It is 99.9% pure Squalene oil extracted from deep sea shark's liver.
They also have makeup, hair care and body care lines and most of their products contain Squalane.
You will see more about their products here,

Mayumi Squalene
Another products from Japan (Japan Health Products). Mayumi Squalene contains 99.9% pure Squalene oil extracted from liver of Aizame (dogfish) sharks, which inhabit non polluted waters at depths of 3000 feet. They have smaller range than HABA brand but prices are much more reasonable. Their most popular product is Mayumi Squalene oil, followed by squalene lotion and squalene oil capsules as dietary supplement.

If you would like see more Squalene Oil products, please visit Squalene Skin Care Store.


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